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无状态 1:N IVI 支持IPv4主动访问IPv6(IVI6)吗?

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draft-xli-behave-divi-02-Address-sharing stateless double IVI有这样两段描述

   The stateless 1:N IVI keeps the features of stateless, end-to-end
   address transparency and bidirectional-initiated communications of
   the original stateless 1:1 IVI, while it can utilize the IPv4
   addresses more effectively.The stateless 1:N dIVI has above
   features and it does not require the DNS64/DNS46 and ALG supports.

   Therefore, the IPv6 end systems must follow the port number range
   defined by the extended IPv4-translatable addresses.The behavior of
   the IPv6 end system when communicating with the IPv4 Internet are:
   oIf the IPv6 end system is used as a server, different well-known
      ports will be served by different IPv6 hosts.
   oIf the IPv6 end system is used as a client, the end system must
      generate the source port numbers in the range defined by the
      extended IPv4-translatable address format.This can be done by
      modification of the end system, or via a port number mapping
      device (home gateway).

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比如IP A能做ftp服务器,不能做http服务器,因为他可用的端口范围包括21,不包括80

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